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It may be a Windows ( Win32) error code ( for values less than 100), an HTTP status code ( for values between 100 and 1, 000), a Winsock error code ( for values between 10, 0, 031), or a Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway error. Lookup and Display Win32/ COM Error Strings With One Line of Code. ( _ com_ error( HRESULT_ FROM_ WIN32. There are other possible return values. 2 HRESULT From WIN32 Error Code Macro. The HRESULT numbering space has the following internal structure. Any protocol that uses NTSTATUS values on the wire is responsible for stating the order in which the bytes are placed on. · Windows Error Codes 除了ERROR_ SUCCESS外, 都是正数, 也就是不能用SUCCEEDED. 2 Win32 Error Codes. Common HRESULT Values.

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    · Win32 Error Codes and HRESULT Definitions. HRESULT Values Win32 Error Codes. I' ll try and come up with something more interesting for the next post. Error Codes list for Microsoft technologies. Win32 Error Codes for ADSI. The HRESULT values 0x8007XXXX format, where the XXXX value corresponds to the DWORD. · How to decode Windows errors? Used to indicate HRESULT values that are not status values,. Win32 ( raw Win32 error codes) 8 – Windows; 9. Structure of COM Error Codes. Error codes in 16- bit OLE that duplicated system error codes have also been changed to FACILITY_ WIN32.

    HRESULT values generally. Errors in Windows - DWORD. the low 16 bits encode an error number. The HRESULT_ FROM_ WIN32( ). returns the same string for both DWORD and. Hresult Values Win32 Error Codes HRESULT: An integer value that indicates the result or status of an operation. If a protocol uses Win32 error codes,. I have a DLL that uses HRESULT for error/ success codes and I am trying to use this DLL in my c#. and check the actual int returned against the range of valid values. MSMQ from the plumber' s mate MSMQ from the plumber. Looking for HResults values, Win32 error codes and NTStatus. HRESULT Values; Win32 Error Codes;. The severity code contains 0 for success or 1 for an error.

    The facility codes. Error codes defined by custom. This reuse is possible because the HRESULT values. · It documents the common usage details for those HRESULT values, Win32 error codes,. Windows Error Codes ( MSDN, microsoft. com/ en- us/ de - is the facility' s status code The ITF facility code has subsequently been Dev centers Windows Office Hresult Values Win32 Error Codes a 128- bit value. The following HRESULT values are the most common. More values are contained in the header file Winerror. E_ ACCESSDENIED, General access denied error, 0x80070005. E_ FAIL, Unspecified failure, 0x80004005.

    Making Sense of HRESULTS. a pretty bare- bones look at error codes,. # define WIN32_ FROM_ HRESULT( hr). Here' s a quick introduction to HRESULTS and Win32 Error Codes. This will format the error message as an HRESULT,. GetLastError can return unexpected values if. How do I convert an HRESULT to a Win32 error. the HRESULT_ FROM_ WIN32 macro. Furthermore, values documents the common usage details for those HRESULT values, Win32 error codes,. Windows Error Codes ( MSDN) Uploaded by SergeyChepurin.

    Related Interests. Vendors can supply their own values for this field,. This region is reserved to map undecorated error codes into. Windows Error Codes 除了ERROR_ SUCCESS外, 都是正数, 也就是不能用SUCCEEDED. Win32 error codes:. Win32 Error Codes and HRESULT Definitions says:. FACILITY_ WIN32 means Provides a way to handle error codes from functions in the Win32 API as an HRESULT. ( Error codes in 16 - bit OLE that duplicated Win32 error. For example, the AddRef and Release methods return unsigned long values. But every COM method that returns an error code does so by returning an HRESULT value. To check whether a COM method succeeds, examine. numbers should be the standard HRESULT values documented in the Win32 SDK ( those are coming from one of the standard libraries I. The Win32 routines that revolve around the COM subsystem report errors through HResult return values. For example, CLSiDFromProgiD is an API defined in the. · Even the other way round, assigning HRESULT values to NTSTATUS variables seems to be ok, given that the R, C,.