Java compilation error illegal start of type

And if you' re wondering ( and you should be), it' s saying " illegal start of expression because " private. " is trying to start a new block of code, but the Java parser knows that it hasn' t. The diamond operator ( < > ) was introduced in Java 7 only. You should specify the type argument ( new MyQueue< String> explicitly and your instructor will be able to compile it. You can find the explanation here - thods can declare only local variables. That why compiler report an error when you try to declare it as public. In case of local variables you can not use any kind of accessor ( public, protected or private). You have a misplaced closing brace before the return statement. You can' t use for loop in class level. Put them inside a method or a block.

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    Type error java

    Stack in Java don' t have such constructor. Stack s = new Stack( ). push( char( ' A' + i) ) / / you will get Unexpected. Whenever i try to compile this function it gives an error at line 10 - - > ErrorMessage : CandidateCode. 10: illegal start of type static HashMap hm = new HashMap< > ( ) ; 1 error I' m trying to compile it on an website' s compiler, but when i use. Your deposit method is not defined correctly. You are right in your understanding that it must declare which checked exceptions it throws, but you are not using the correct syntax. Currently, your code looks like this: public void. You have the method public static double media( int [ a], int i), this should be public static double media( double[ ] a, int i) since you are inputting a double array not an int array. These are called constants in Java and they should be defined in the class itself, not in its main method. public static final int STARTINGYEAR = 1890;. Now, if you remove the public static, you can keep them in your main. String strContent = " side1- 60.

    write( strContent. This catch block appears after the method is completed - so either a member variable or another method is expected - hence you get this error.