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getEngineByName( " JavaScript" ) ; or ScriptEngine engine = mgr. getEngineByName( " javaScript" ) ;. Paste your javascript code. Try this you may get some idea. For javascript in the Oracle JDK ( from 1. 6) by default an implementation is available. EcmaError: ReferenceError: “ alert” is not defined. JDK by default includes Rhino which is a javascript engine written for java. Exception in thread " main" javax. ScriptException: sun. EcmaError: ReferenceError: " Java" is not defined. ( path/ to/ string. js# 1) in path/ to/ string. js at line number 1 at com.

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    alert is not part of JavaScript, it' s part of the window object provided by web browsers. If you just want to do simple console output, Rhino provides a print function to your script, so you could replace alert with print. createElement( " script" ) ; script. type = " text/ javascript" ; if( callback) script. onload= callback; document. getElementsByTagName( " head" ) [ 0]. appendChild( script) ; script. src = src; } catch( e) { alert( e) ; } }. share| improve this answer. EcmaError: ReferenceError: " $ " is not defined. success: function( data) { if ( data = = 2) alert( " RSS link is required" ) ; else{ alert( " Channel is successfully created!

    Your example javascript looks like jquery code. Maybe you just need to import the jquery library. For how to deal with XMLHttpRequest in Rhino, see this Q& A: XMLHttpRequest in Rhino? As Joachim points out, jquery, the DOM APIs and XMLHttpRequest are not part of the ECMAScript specification. alert is not part of JavaScript, it' s part of the window object. Try using this or camel case ScriptEngine engine = mgr. Try this you may get some ssage. ReferenceError: " x" is not defined. There is a non- existent variable referenced somewhere. This variable needs to be declared, or you need make sure it is available in. I think you don' t need the statement var document = new Object( ) ; Your code should work without this statement.