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setRequestProperty( " Accept", " application/ json" ) ;. then I can successfully get the response. Unfortunately, HTTP status 500 is really just a catch- all for unexpected errors on the server. The error could be anywhere, even within the authentication code. So it' s possible that the call is blowing up even before it would have issued a 401. I can see two possible errors: As StephaneM pointed out: The content- disposition of the file upload must be " form- data", not " multipart/ form- data" : writer. append( " Content- Disposition: form- data; name= \ " file\ " ; filename= \ " " +. Tomcatを使っていてHTTPステータス500エラーが出るのは、 大抵の場合は、 デプロイ したWebアプリにバグがあるか、. parseTag( PosFile. それとも ソースコードにアクセスする権限がないのでしょうか。.

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    Exception in thread " main" java. IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: hei. fr/ ERP- prod/ at sun. HttpURLConnection. getInputStream( HttpURLConnection. HTTP status code 500 usually means that the webserver code has crashed. You need to determine the status code beforehand using HttpURLConnection# getResponseCode( ) and in case of errors, read the. NullPointerException org. _ jspService( top_ jsp. ぬるぽが起きてますね。 for ( int i = 0; i < table_ items. size( ) ; + + i) {. ↑ たぶん「 table_ items」 がnullなんじゃないですか?. 500 http status code means that the server failed to satisfy the request and that an " unexpected" error happened, I guess that the page " homePage. jsp" is not accessible through this URL, try accessing it via the browser directly to verify. この例ではページが見つからない場合は / error/ 404.

    html に、 Java コード等での内部 エラー発生時には / error/ 500. jsp にそれぞれ飛ばすような指定をしています。 もちろん静 的な HTML ページでもいいのですが、 今回は 500 エラーの時には. This is mostly happening because of encoding. If you are using browser OK, but getting 500 ( internal server error ) in your program, it is because the browsers have a highly sophisticated code regarding charsets and.